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The company "PSV color" in the market Car equipment since 2003 and has long established itself only with the best hand. Extensive experience allows you to quickly and professionally for you to pick up equipment on the optimal price-quality ratio. Our clients are large dealer stations and small garages, road transport companies, tire shops, body shops, as the Perm region, and the surrounding region.

We are dealers of companies such as BOSCH (diagnostic and other equipment), BASF (paints for car repairs), Tehnokar (Stands Alignment) and many others.
The spectrum of our equipment is very wide, ranging from hand tools to complex technical systems (eg, centralized distribution of oils). We present equipment of different manufacturers, as European (Germany, Italy and others.) And Asian (China, Taiwan, and others.). However, there are American brands.

The company has a qualified customer service, whose staff regularly attend training on new products. Specialists have extensive experience in maintenance and repair Car Equipment. There is a warehouse of spare parts for equipment in Perm.

At present, the problem of the equipment supplier should include not only the sale of equipment, but also a variety of functions prior to delivery of the equipment itself - that help in choosing the concept of service stations, and equipment placement, and fine-tune processes, and much more.

We are ready to offer you all this.